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Reactive Dog Programme

Get Help With Your Reactive Dog
Is this programme for you?

Is your dog barking at other people, other dogs or traffic?

Is taking your dog for a walk or having guests to your house challenging?

Does your dog seem scared, pushy or stand off-ish?

Do you feel at a loss with what to do and need help managing your dog's behaviour?

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Pompom reactive dog newbury

Having had a reactive dog myself, I understand how challenging, draining and isolating it can be. I remember losing my love for walks because I found them embarrassing and stressful. I have put this programme together to support you and your dog, to give you a better life together. 

What will you gain from the training?
  • Learn how to read and understand your dog.

  • How to set you and your dog up for success. 

  • Chances to practice simple, practical techniques in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Confidence in managing a negotiating real life situations.

How do we help your dog?
  • Teach them skills to explore calmly and see their world in a different way.

  • A holistic approach addresses any underlying reasons for your dog's behaviour.

  • Bond building and confidence boosting games.

A one-off consultation can start you off on the right track, but this unique programme will help you see quicker and more effective changes with long-term success. 

What else will you get?

  • Personalised 'in-your-pocket' support in between sessions.

  • Private 121 sessions tailored to your dog's needs. 

  • Be a part of a supportive community and share success with other reactive dog owners. 

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How Does It Work?
What is included?

An introduction session where we talk through all things reactivity and get you instant relief and support.

Four private one to one sessions at your house or a pre-arranged location so I can take you through your training step by step in real life situations and set ups.

24 hour support from me via Whatsapp, email and phone because so much happens when I am not around.

Engaging and informative online syllabus to provide you with all the information you need to support your journey.

8 weeks of training and support!

Sign up and make the change for you and your dog for just £650, payable on booking. (payment plans available)

Real Life Set Ups
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Video Demonstrations
dog training video
Next Course Start Date:

Next start dates:
July 2024 - Fully booked
September 2024 - 1 space left
November - Booking now
Hear What Clients Have To Say
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Had to share today’s success story.

Out on our walk, Monty and I came across a small fete; a congregation of Monty’s worst triggers, dogs, people and children! Normally I’d steer well clear but we’ve been doing well so I thought I’d give it a go.


Well, he was fantastic. So much going on, lots of other dogs (including one barking), and Monty calmly walked around with me. I was so shocked I forgot to take a photo! Before I would have thought such an environment was out of the question, but now I think we might just get there.



I think it’s been a really useful and informative 8 weeks and I have certainly gained a lot from it particularly learning tips such as the decompression walks (now my favourite walks!), how to deal with some of the difficult situations we can find ourselves in with other dogs/people etc and having had various videos to watch and study has been really useful.


Also, your own spoken video clips have been a great support and have given pause for thought about the situation we are all in with our reactive dogs and just knowing that I am not alone in all of this and being able to share experiences etc, it has been really worthwhile.


 Thank you again Anna for all your great support  .

A Snippet Of What The Course Includes

Where to start:

  • Instant relief.

  • Understanding your dog.

  • Reducing stress through decompression.

  • Training theory and how it applies to you and your dog.

Simple, practical exercises:

  • Body language.

  • Focus on you.

  • Encouraging calmness.

  • Cues, distance and desensitising.

  • Setting yourself up for success.

Dog Outside
Curious Dog

An holistic approach:

  • Improving all areas of reactivity and stress. 

  • How food, health and pain affect behaviour.

  • Your dog's routine. 

  • Get the best from your relationship with your dog. 

The human side:

  • Where and how to get support.​

  • Empowering you to feel confident in everyday situations.

  • Skill toolbox.

  • How to progress your training.

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