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Meet The Team Of Dog Trainers
Who'll Set You Up For Life

Raise a well-rounded, happy, content dog that naturally behaves well. 

Standard dog training doesn't cut it if you want to achieve lasting results. 

You see, if you want an unparalleled relationship (and outstanding behaviour), you need to go beyond obedience training.

Equip yourself with all the essential elements to build a life-long bond. What you learn with us will go way beyond this moment = you'll have the know-how for success, now and forever. 


We've been forging lifelong bonds between humans and their four-legged friend for over a decade. With our help, you'll gain a profound understanding of your dog, allowing you to unlock the very best lifetime partnership together.

Our goal is to equip you with the skills, understanding and confidence to not only train your dog but to understand why you're doing what you're doing and how it works.

This is the key that'll allow you to claim the tool to craft an amazing life with your best friend.

Meet your dog trainers

Hi. I'm Anna. I'm friendly, down to earth and I want to help you get the most out of your relationship with your dog. I'm just as passionate about helping humans as I am dogs, so if you work with me you can rest at ease that you'll both feel good. 

In 2008, we adopted our Boxer rescue call Bubs. She had difficult behaviour issues around other dogs making every day life challenging. It was Bubs who started my journey as a dog trainer. 

Since then, I've passed several course with The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training and Compass Education. I'm a fully accredited member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, The Pet Professional Guild and I am a trainer for Dog AID. Most recently, I have become a qualified Dynamic Dog practitioner. 

I've immersed myself in the dog training world, forever progressing my skill and knowledge so I can deliver you the very best support. 



Dog trainer and bulldogs

Hi! I'm Sophia I have over 14 years of experience as a professional dog trainer and behaviourist for some of the top canine charities in the UK and overseas, including Dogs Trust, Bath Cats and Dogs Home and Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland.


My qualifications include a degree in Animal Behaviour Science from one of the top animal behaviour schools in the country at the University of Lincoln and a CertHE in Companion Animal Welfare and Rehabilitation from the University of Bristol.

I am also a proud member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, so you can rest assured that I'm committed to providing you with the most up-to-date and science-backed training advice available, using only positive reinforcement and choice-based methods.

Dog trainer and brown dog
Dog trainer and puppy

My name is Abi and I have been training for over 2 years covering a wide range of training activities such as gundog, and agility as well as basic obedience. My passions include working with adolescent dogs and I have a particular passion for scent work and would love to specialise in this one day.


Most recently I have become particularly interested in how behaviour effects a dog's day to day life and I enjoy giving owners the tools to build a strong bond with their dog and the confidence to go out and enjoy their adventures together. 

Currently, I am working towards my APDT accreditation alongisde running my dog walking business and teaching (human) hypnobirthing/antenatal classes.

When I am not training or teaching, you can find me walking my four legged friends - Mabel (my Fox Red Labrador) and Fig a.k.a. Figgy Pudding (my German Shorthaired Pointer x Vizsla).

Hello! I'm Becca. Having previously worked in a number of dog daycare environments, both here and in Australia over the last 5 years, I am totally obsessed with learning how the dog's brain works. 

I am passionate about following up-to-date, modern and positive re-enforcement methods and looking at things with a holistic approach. I want to carry that knowledge through in everything that I teach to empower owners to know all they need to know to get the best out of their relationship with their dog. 

Alongside running my dog walking business, I have a passion for all things puppy. You'll probably see me teaching at puppy classes and supporting our clients with 1-2-1 puppy programs. 

I work to constantly better myself, my knowledge and my skills to provide the best possible advice to anyone in need. 

Dog trainer
Going beyond standard dog training

The term dog training doesn't really do justice to how we work with you and your dog. Dog training implies focusing on solely obedience but we focus on the meaningful life skills that'll make a difference in your everyday like.

We'll scratch beneath the surface with you, to open up a world of possibilities for an incredible lifetime journey together. 

We set you up to know how to work with your dog even when we're not there. This equips you with the skills and confidence you need to thrive in the real world. If your dog is ever struggling, you'll know what to do to help them succeed.

We're always at the end of a phone, but our mission is to give you everything you need so you have the tools to craft a remarkable life with your dog, that'll leave you both feeling amazing. 

Ready to get started?

Surpass expectations with the best puppy classes in town.

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Transform struggles into strengths with expert dog training. 

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Is your dog showing reactivity or aggression towards people or dogs? Are they fearful or showing concerning behaviour?

Learn more.

Personalised training on your schedule, totally tailored to you. 

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Surprise yourself with what you can achieve

Whether you join us for classes or 1-2-1 training, we take a personalised and flexible approach so you can gain deep insights into what drives your dog's behaviour. With this understanding, you'll be empowered to troubleshoot and work with your dog way beyond our time together.

"Spoon-feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon" - E. M. Forster

You'll become an incredible teacher, advocate and companion to your dog.... leaving you both feeling proud as punch and happy as can be.

Ready to see what you and your dog can really do together?

We dig deep to uncover all the essential elements to help you create an extraordinary likfe with your dog. Let's go beyond obedience training and give you he unparallelled support that will unlock lasting results with your beloved companion. 

What you learn with us will stay with you for years to come:
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