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Puppy on the Beach

One-to-One Puppy Training 

6 Week Private Puppy Course

Would you like a personalised approach to your training? Are you facing an issue with your dog and would like a little help and advice? I offer private consultations and provide a tailored approach to overcoming issues you may be struggling with. I aim to teach you how dogs learn, so that you can understand the reason behind the training. 

Cute Poodle
What will you gain from the training?
  • Knowledge on how your puppy learns.

  • Confidence to know how best to train your puppy.

  • Chances to practice techniques in a supportive environment.

What will your puppy learn?
  • Confidence and focus when out and about.

  • Consistency and settling in the house. 

  • Perfected socialisation skills.

Why choose one-to-one?
  • Step by step guide to raising a well-rounded puppy.

  • Sessions tailored to your puppy's needs. 

  • Start before your puppy is vaccinated!

Video Demonstrations
Real Life Training

We cover all this and more....

Puppy introduction session where we talk about all things puppy including food, equipment and house rules.

5 weeks private training at your house or a pre-arranged location.

These 6 weeks of personalised training cost just £300, payable on booking. 

  • Puppy's first walks

  • Enrichment and mental stimulation

  • Socialisation

  • Husbandry tasks

  • Life skills

  • Loose lead walking

  • Recalls

  • Attention on walks

  • Basic training skills

  • Appropriate play and making friends

Suitable for puppies from 8 weeks of age

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