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Fluffy Dog

Personalised One-to-One Training

Training Consultations

Do you have an adolescent or older dog and would like some basic training help? You may have missed puppy classes or would like some help teaching your dog some new skills. This training is ideal for issues such as recall, loose lead walking, jumping up or building general attention on walks. 

How does it work?

All new enquiries will start with a 2 hour initial consultation. This will allow me to observe behaviour, take a full history. We will then start your training program in the environment where you need help. 

What is included?
  • 2 hour one-to-one session at your house or an appropriate location.

  • A chance for me to observe your dog's behaviour whether in the house or out on walks. 

  • Full report with links, advice and resources. 

  • Step by step training plan include exercise worksheets and video tutorials.

An initial consultation costs £180.

Video Demonstrations
Realistic Locations
Dog Outdoors
Follow Up Sessions

It may be that you would like to do more training after this initial consultation.

Follow up sessions are great if:

  • You would like additional help and support.

  • You have a number of training issues you would like help with.

  • You would like to get other family members involved in the training. 

1 hour follow up sessions cost £75, payable on booking. 

Coming Soon...!

After your initial consultation, you will be invited to join a private Facebook community where you can sign up to workshops and courses. You will be able to Top Up your training skills and practice with like-minded owners in a safe and supportive environment. 

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