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What Does Pain Mean For
Your Dog

You are hitting a brick wall with your training...

Or maybe you have seen a sudden change in your dog's behaviour.

Maybe you have a nagging feeling that there's something going on with your dog's health, but you just can't figure it out. 

Trips to the vets have resulted in a clean bill of health. The vets may have put your dog's behaviour down to anxiety alone. 

This may not be the case!

 A recent study suggested that 80% of dogs with behaviour issues have undiagnosed pain or discomfort that causes or is associated with their problematic behaviour."
- Daniel Mills

It can be very challenging for a veterinarian to be able to find a source of pain in a short consultation. Dogs also don't show their discomfort in ways that we would expect. Pain can go undetected for months, sometimes years.

Signs your dog might be in pain

Aggressive or possessive behaviour.

Noise sensitivity.

Touch sensitivity.

Unhappy travelling in the car.

Increased barking.

Changes in usual behaviour.

Reluctance to move or be moved. 

Heavy panting and breathing.

Excessive itching, licking or chewing.

Difficulty settling.

Dog in Nature
We help get to the bottom of your dog's health

I am a qualified Dynamic Dog practitioner. I specialise in investigating possible areas of pain or discomfort by conducting a thorough analysis of ALL aspects of both you and your dog's day to day life, from their behaviour, to what they eat, to the way they move, sleep, play and routine.

I work together with you and your vet by providing the information that you may not know to tell you vet, or your vet may not have time to ask.

A Dynamic Dog assessment is completely hands off so your dog is fully relaxed. It takes the time to assess your dogs physical health in detail and a range of settings. From this I can identify any potential areas of pain or discomfort. This is far more in depth then your 10 minute vet appointment. I gather data and video evidence to help your vet make a diagnosis and get your dog the treatment they need.

Dog Portrait
What is included?

60 - 90 minute virtual meeting or in-person meeting.

Additional data gathered in the form of photos, videos and other observations.  

In depth analysis of all of the data to build a bigger picture of what is going on for your dog.

Comprehensive vet report and 2 minute edited video.

Veterinary liaison.

Communication support with other health care professionals. 

Behaviour management plan.

Price: £225 (payment plans available)

Are you a vet or a dog professional?

I would love to talk to you about how a Dynamic Dog assessment can help your client.

It may be that you have tricky behaviour case or a dog that struggles with being handled. Maybe you are a dog walker and you can see one of your dogs isn't walking quite right. 

I can help. I can work alongside you and your client by providing a Dynamic Dog assessment for your client and supporting them with the next steps of their dog's health journey. 

5 star dog training newbury
dog training newbury brown dog

"Anna has been a fantastic support! She is very knowledgeable and has really helped me to understand my dogs behaviour. Anna gives great tips which are practical and easy to implement. She is also very down to earth and our training sessions have been really fun. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thanks Anna!"

Joanna - Bradfield

Part of a bigger picture

Getting your dog's health in a good place should be the foundation of your training and behaviour plan. Without this, your training could only be getting you so far.

When your dog is feeling good, teaching new behaviours and eliminating unwanted ones becomes so much easier. 

When your dog is feeling good, you will see faster results and you'll see your dog's happiness shine through. 

Want to see what a Dynamic Dog assessment can do for your dog?
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