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Dog Training Equipment & Handy Links

white dog in harness

Welcome to my page with some handy links to dog training equipment and other dog related products that I and my clients have tried and tested over the years.

Please not that not all equipment works for all people and dogs, these are some suggestions to get you started.

Table of Contents - Dog Training Equipment

Leads and Harnesses

Perfect Fit 2m Training Lead


As a fitter for Perfect Fit, I can highly recommend their leads and harnesses.

Their double ended 2m training lead is fantastic for your every day walks. These leads are comfortable to hold and use. They wash easily and last with even the strongest pullers. You can choose your favourite colour.

Large dog wearing Perfect Fit harness


The Perfect Fit harnesses are super comfortable with fleece lining and 5 points of adjustment. They are great for all dogs, even those that can escape easily or are funny sizes. Be sure to look up your nearest stockist and fitter to have your harness fit perfectly.

Find your nearest fitter:

Long Line

Houndagrips long line in purple

Choose a long line for recall practise and keeping your dog safe whilst giving them some more freedom. I always suggest a 10 meter line and I really like Houndagrips long lines. The webbing make them super comfortable to handle, they wash well and they don't hold onto water like other brands.

Enrichment and Treats

Treats and Chews

JR Pet Products Chicken Pate

I love JR Pet Products for the 100% natural treats and chews. They have a wide range of proteins and types and many are suitable for young puppies.

Top tip! Cut up their pate into small pieces to use as high value training treats.

Snuffle Mats

Rainbow snuffle mat and toys - Wagtainment

Handmade with love and care, Katie makes snuffle mats and other enrichment toys for dogs. 10% of her profit goes towards Dogs for Autism.


Muzzles can form an important part of a dog's well being and daily equipment for a number of reasons. As with all equipment, they should fit comfortably and designed for safety and welfare.

White dog in colourful muzzle

I really like The Muzzle Up! Project for lots of useful helps, tips and advice on what to look for when getting a muzzle for your dog. They also share useful training tips and brilliant ways to jazz up your muzzle and make it fun. - check out their resources page for loads of helpful info.

General Out and About

Car Crates

Trans K9 dog crate

I use Trans K9 car crates which are crash tested and come in a range of sizes to suit your vehicle. The crates are spacious and easy to use and clean. They also do great accessories including storage drawers, fans and travel bowls.

Mobile Cleaner

Karcher OC 3 mobile washer

We love the Karcher OC 3 to wash everything down after walks, including the dogs! You can

also get a pet brush to use for extra clean scrubs. The Karcher OC 3 is easy to use, lightweight and I really like that you can fill it with warm water to help make things more comfortable for your dogs.

Be sure to keep checking back to see what other dog related equipment we have put to the test.

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