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"Anna is an absolute lifesaver and brilliant dog behaviourist.  After two bad experiences with dog training professionals we decided to engage Anna firstly to do an assessment of our lovely dogs and then we expanded into 10 weeks of personalised training.  She has worked miracles with us (bad parents) teaching us how to deal with situations that arise and to make us more confident.  Secondly with our family pets a very boisterous Boxer and a fearful Dogue De Bordeaux.  The boxer has learnt to pay attention to us but still gets distracted, but rather than getting frustrated with him we have learnt how to deal with the situation.  Our Dogue De Bordeaux has grown in confidence and although we have a way to go, Anna has provided the tools and the advice which is wonderful.


Thank you so much Anna for all your help, support and understanding and getting us to a place where we are all happy."

"We truly appreciate all the help, patience and support Anna has shown us over the past 9 months. We were considering rehoming our puppy Labrador, as life with puppy had gone from bad to worse. We were not enjoying our time with her and she certainly didn't seem happy living with us. Anna helped rebuild the relationship with our puppy and provided ideas how to deal with situations. I think I now understand how to deal with our dog. It's been hard work but with Anna's help we wouldn't dream of giving puppy away now!!"

"Anna has helped me train a Labrador puppy as I missed classes in a course, her help and advice has been invaluable. She has been friendly, approachable and what she shows you works. Her notes are comprehensive and extremely helpful in refreshing what was covered in your appointment."

"I was given a dog with separation anxiety, Anna helped me gain his trust and relax him so that he's now a different dog. Several people advised me the best thing was putting him to sleep because his behaviour was extreme, he's now a relaxed, well behaved softy who I wouldn't be without."

"Hi Anna, just thought you might like to hear how well Kayla is doing. She now sleeps on my bed alongside the cats, they are not the best of friends but all settle down and I get the whole night in my bed! I am stilll cautious with Kayla around other dogs but things are much better."

"I'm onto our third trainer for our 9 month old Lurcher puppy and Anna is definitely the best by far. She clearly knows her stuff and approaches training in an animal-centric way. Pixie is learning so quickly and clearly enjoys it too. She is already a calmer and happier dog and we are now happier, more understanding and in-control owners too. 


Unlike some other trainers Anna doesn't force her opinions on you, she explains why she approaches things in her way but knows it is your dog and your choice. Having said this I have happily taken all of Anna's advice, all with positive results. Anna has taken the time to pursue training in animal welfare and behaviour, which is not a requirement, just her choice. She approaches her work as a very friendly but competent professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending her."

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